Hobkin Redux - Cute Furry VRChat Avatar

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The Hobkin are an anthropomorphic race living within the magical forest crater called the grove. Possessing a druidic predisposition, these creatures use their abilities to guide the growth of plants and trees to build their homes and clothing.

Rising majestically above the clouds, in the center of the grove, there grows a colossal tree; commonly believed to be the source of all magic in the world. It's roots grow deep beneath the earth, spreading life wherever it goes. Because of their connection to nature, the Hobkins are often chosen by this tree to seek out sproutlings, in order to protect and encourage their growth.

Please make sure to check the Requirements section before purchasing <3

This avatar is not quest compatible, although I'll look into making a quest compatible one soon O:

If there's any issues, please feel free to message me on discord at Hobbert#3175 <3

Thanks to Mika for the pictures! <3

Please make sure to read the instructions for uploading <3!


  • An easy to use unity package file and instructions for upload
  • In-game colour sliders for body, eyes and clothing
  • SDK 3.0 controls
  • Substance painter and photoshop files files for customization
  • Lore friendly fantasy clothing with togglable sections
  • Performance level Medium
  • Supports Full Body Tracking
  • Talking viseme animations
  • Many cute expressions
  • Tail and ear controls
  • Body customization sliders
  • Cute sleeping AFK animation
  • Properly working digitigrade legs!
  • Phys bone setup included~


  • Unity 2019.4.31f1
  • VRChat avatar SDK 3.0
  • Basic knowledge of unity and uploading VRC avatars
  • Photoshop files are 16bit, they may not work properly with some image editing programs.


  • Do not sell or claim ownership of this content, even if modified
  • Do not upload as public, make cloneable or distribute to anyone (unless both parties have gained access to this content legitimately)
  • You may commission or be commissioned for this content, but both parties must own the content legitimately
  • Do not use this content in any way that is intended to be hateful or meant to cause harm or fear to others.

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© Hobbert 2021

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A cute furry/anthropomorphic VRC avatar~

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Hobkin Redux - Cute Furry VRChat Avatar

147 ratings
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