Vulfen - A cute Fennec Fox avatar for Vrchat! Now including Face Tracking!

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Some Lore:

The Vulfen are a largely nomadic species of small fox that wander the vast deserts of the Shattered Sands! Many Vulfen find themselves moving from Oasis village to Oasis village, and even to the great city of Citrinor itself, peddling wares they collect along the way. Related to their much taller cousins to the north, the Kyuulin, the Vulfen are much shorter of stature, although one would be wise to omit this fact when talking to them, if one values their ankles.

This avatar is not quest compatible, although I'll look into making a quest compatible one soon O:

If there's any issues, please feel free to message me on discord at Hobbert#3175 <3


  • An easy to use unity package file and instructions for upload
  • Face tracking package! All setup and ready to go~ (thanks ari <:D)
  • SDK 3.0 controls (please check these out before making changes in unity)
  • In game customization sliders for colours and ear/tail positions and more!
  • Lore clothing, sweater, socks, armwarmers, undies and a bra!
  • 3 Base textures: Fox, Red Panda Inspired, and Marble fox inspired!
  • Body sliders and toggles for breasts
  • 10 unique expressions!
  • Substance painter files and photoshop files inluded!
  • Performance level Medium
  • Touchable pawbeans! Also, controls for flexing them!
  • Supports Full Body Tracking
  • Talking viseme animations
  • Headpat animation! <3
  • Nose boopie animation!
  • Phys bone integration
  • Collar and bell moving sounds! Also makes bell sounds when poking it


  • Creator Companion!
  • Basic knowledge of unity and uploading VRC avatars (Or ability to follow instructions readme)


  • Do not sell or claim ownership of this content, even if modified
  • Do not upload as public, make cloneable or distribute to anyone (unless both parties have gained access to this content legitimately)
  • You may commission or be commissioned for this content, but both parties must own the content legitimately
  • Do not use this content in any way that is intended to be hateful or meant to cause harm or fear to others.

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Cute Fennec VRChat avatar~

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Vulfen - A cute Fennec Fox avatar for Vrchat! Now including Face Tracking!

48 ratings
I want this!